10 Things You May Not Know About Walt Disney (part 2)

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He drove his daughters to school every day

In spite of the fact that he had drivers, a housekeeper, and many other staff members, Disney drove his two daughters to school every day with great pleasure. He spoiled them unabashedly also, which was believed to be a reaction to his own stern upbringing, according to Steve Watts, a historian.

His favorite song was “Feed the birds.”

There are a lot of toe-tapping hits in Disney movies, but Walt’s personal favorite was “Feed the Birds,” the song about a pigeon lady in Mary Poppins. According to Richard Sherman, the writer of the song, Walt often requested a personal performance of “Feed the Birds.” on Friday afternoons.

Wall felt responsible for his mother’s death

After becoming successful, Walt bought his parents a rather extravagant new house. When his parents needed something tweaked, fixed, or repaired, he sent his own repairmen from the studio to take care of it. When his team discovered a furnace problem in 1938, they didn’t take care of the issue properly. His mother, Flora Call Disney, died of carbon monoxide poisoning when she was 70 years old. His father, Elias, also became very ill from the gas leak, but survived. His daughter, Sharon, said that Walt found the subject impossible to talk about even years later.

His housekeeper was a very wealthy woman

Thelma Howard was Disney’s live-in housekeeper and cook for 30 years. She was hired in 1951 and then became part of the family. The Disneys gave her stock in the company as part of her annual Christmas gift. She did nothing with her shares, and before she died in 1994, she was a multimillionaire due to them. She left about $4.5 million to disabled and poor children and nearly the same amount to her disabled son.

Disney was obsessed with trains

He was always interested in trains and even built an elaborate model in his office. In 1948, he constructed a 1/8 scale model in his backyard and deemed it the Carolwood Pacific Railroad.

Walt Disney’s First Film was ‘Alice’s Wonderland’

Walt Disney mostly spent the earlier stages of his career on creating short animations. Then he decided to make his creations more adventurous and wanted to create a short film which combined animation with real actors. The first one created when he founded his company was ‘Alice’s Wonderland’. Alice was starred by the child actress Virginia Davis. In this short film, she interacted with animated characters created by Walt Disney. The creation of this film led Walt moving to Hollywood and be close to his brother, Roy. Hence, the brothers could start their business with the intention of producing the ‘Alice Comedies’ series in collaboration with film distributor M.J. Winkler Productions.


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