All about cycling (part 2)

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Cycling Equipment

It is obvious that the main element for cycling is the bike. But it also requires some protection elements since it is an activity in very rough terrain and in conditions which can slightly draw to the human body.
In this article, let look at all the equipment for cycling:
Bike for cycling are availabke in variety of aerodynamic design and light but sturdy materials. The road bike in particular has super thin tires, which help cyclists to achieve greater speeds.

Protection Gloves will protect your hands in case of fall at the same time help improve the grip of the palm with the handlebar.

Helmet is obviously used to protect your head in case of fall, which is quite vital for cyclists. Not wearing the helmet pose a great risk to your brain.

Clothing of cyclists are also quite different from normal one which must fit well to the body, thus reducing any unnecessary wind resistance and are made with materials that regulates temperature and protects body from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Rules in Cycling

These are rules and cautions applied to both racer participants and amateur cyclists during recreational activity.
In a race, there are certain points of the stage for cyclists to stock up, however they can also refuel on the go by moving to their team’s support car. Normally, a cyclist goes and brings it to the rest of the companions who are with him. By the end of the race, at time for the sprint, the cyclist can not make a sudden change of direction in order to cover the opponent’s path since it endangers the physical integrity of the opponent traveling at very high speeds.
It is also advised that cyclist to be aware of the route, in order to avoid possible falls in dangerous places or causing a chain fall; and always wear protective gear both in competition and in recreational cycling.

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