Beginner’s Guide to Ping Pong (part 1)

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Welcome ping-pong newbie. You are probably looking for some helpful advice to get started as soon as possible. In this article you learn about the sports, it’s origins as some basic concepts to get started on the right foot as well as common mistakes to avoid 

The first and foremost important advice is to equip yourself with a proper racket otherwise all of the advice you’ll read on the Internet on how to play table tennis doesn’t work. A plain old racket that doesn’t grip the ball, although if you want to play better ping-pong without changing your trusty old paddle, there are some basics of basement play that you will learn through this series. 

Let’s get started

Objective of the Sport

Besides having fun, the basic objective of ping-pong is to win matches which made up of an odd number of games. The sunnier is the first to win 11 points in each game.

The origins and development of Table Tennis/Ping-Pong

The game started out humble as a Victorian England parlour game, through to the controversy of finger-spin serves. Despite all controversy, ping-pong is a lot of fun and good for health which help it gain popularity.

Basic Concepts

Now as you are off and swinging, to have a great time battling it out with your friends and family, start reading this Basic Concepts section to avoid bad habits as well as develop good ones.

The Magic of Spin

Spin is the most important difference between modern competitive table tennis and the game that is played in basements and garages around the world for past-time. In competition, players with the use of modern technology to apply spins of up to 150 revolutions per second which truly makes table tennis a unique sport. Learning to use spin and handle opponent’s spin take time, but as soon as you master the technique,the satisfaction you will get from being able to do things that you never dreamed of is immense!

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