Black Ops 3: Gamers Call for More Kill Streaks, and A Slow-Mo Ending

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With Black Ops 3 all but confirmed as the next game in the Call of Duty series, gamers the world over voice their opinions about what they want from the new game.

Most gamers are concerned that Call of Duty games are simply not action-packed enough, especially online. “Sometimes I can walk across a map for a full twenty or thrity seconds without a monsoon of bullets and explosives falling out of the sky and killing me instantly – which is just not exciting enough”. That was a comment made by one gamer yesterday afternoon. His solution? “Well, obviously we need more kill-streaks, and we need to make them crazier and more powerful.”

Trawling through reactions on sites like Twitter and Facebook reveals more of the same feedback from the wider community. Take a look at some of the comments below:


“Nukes are so 2010, can we have a kill streak that obliterates the entire solar system?” – @Gareth_Glitter90

“They should increase the walk/run speed again!! It’s still not fast enough – I should be able to sprint across the map so quickly that the game cannot render it within 60 frames.” – @Fanny_sniffer

“I really hope the campaign ends with a slow-mo quick time event. I fucking LOVE those!!!” <3 – @Buble-bob777

“Black Ops 3? Excellent. I’m hoping there will be a vehicle section in the campaign that ends in some sort of crash, explosion or massive jump off a ramp” – @JonnyForeigner_86

Some gaming outlets got in on the action too:

 “We need maps to be more interesting. We’re bored with volcanoes exploding and fighting inside stadiums and pirate ships. Can’t we have a map set at the top of the mythical mount Olympus where the dynamic event is Zeus’s penis falling from the sky and crushing the opposition?” – IGN

“Graphics.” – Eurogamer.

We obviously agree with all of the above comments, what Black Ops 3 really needs to do is turn up the volume beyond deafening and into ear-bleed seizure territory.

Call of Duty 4 – the game most regard as the ‘classic, best modern CoD” – was mediocre at best. In Black Ops 3 we hope to see a little more life injected into the franchise. We envisage a constant hail-storm of bullets and missiles falling from the sky, and every player can sprint faster and jump higher than a fighter-jet. We expect to be able to paint our weapons neon pink and encrust them with diamonds in the shape of male reproductive organs. Rather than settle for Advanced Warfare exos, we hope to see all soldiers equipped with full Ironman armor. Naturally the Hulkbuster.

Bafflingly, though a minority of gamers would rather see the game go back to basics. They’d prefer the next game to feel more like Call of Duty 4 – thus undoing all the good work of Activision over the past few years. These gamers would rather the speeds slowed, the kill streaks were removed, and the game focused on being an enjoyable, vaguely realistic shooter like CoD4. There’s just no reasoning with some of those lunatics, though.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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