Childhood Ruined

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If there is one phrase that tugs on my rant strings more than any other when dealing with the internet it’s “Childhood Ruined”. It’s a phrase that gets banded about on Twitter and comments sections whenever there is talk of a once popular franchise being rebooted into a new movie, TV series or game.
I had a pretty awesome childhood. I’d watch shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, maybe a bit of SuperTed and of course a little bit of Transformers. I’d play on my Mega Drive with my brother, I’d have fun at school and play a load of football not having a care in the world. Nothing can take my ACTUAL childhood away from me, so even when Michael Bay says he is going to produce a new Turtles movie it’s not something that is going to effect me. Especially not to the levels of whinging on Twitter.
Using Turtles as an example due to it’s upcoming UK cinema release, I lost count of the amount of tweets I saw from people who were moaning that the new version was “destroying their childhood”. What an absolute load of old horse shit. If you are really that bothered about a kids TV show being made into a new film twenty years after it was last relevant to you or you feel the need to really get angry about it then maybe you should just grow up a little bit.
Here’s a suggestion for you; why don’t you go and watch the versions of the shows you used to love? I’m sure you can find them on Netflix or DVD somewhere. You can then ignore the latest version because, here’s an idea, it’s not being made for you.
I have zero problems with people saying thing like ‘Oh it won’t be like it used to be’ because quite frankly it won’t be but is there any need to the anger?! Reboots are usually made to appeal to a new generation of people. The kids these days might look back at the shows you used to watch as a kid and think “Goodness, that’s rubbish, where’s Peppa Pig?”. The new Turtles could kickstart a resurgence in their popularity among a whole new group of kids.
Don’t go worrying yourself with how new things will destroy the old. They won’t. Your childhood has gone, it’s done and you need to deal with it. Nothing can change the experiences you had, the shows you loved, the games you played. If you want to look back with fondness then by all means do, sharing memories with like minded individuals is simply amazing.
Just don’t go being a bellend and using the phrase “my childhood is ruined” on whatever social platform you feel it needs to be typed just to describe your thoughts on a reboot of a once loved show. Only use it if you once had contact with Jimmy Saville, in that case, your childhood was well and truly ruined.
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