Dead Rising 3: Crash Edition

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I’m a big fan of crashes, and I was eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the Dead Rising franchise to crash and run poorly on my machine. Knowing the long line of poorly optimised ports from companies like From Software and Access Games, Capcom were eager to put their stamp on the crash genre – and manage to surpass even my lofty expectations with a whole host of other features to stun and amaze you.

When I started the game up, it seemed to be stuck on a totally incorrect resolution for my monitor. “No big deal”, I thought, “older games used to do this all time too! I’ll just change it to the correct resolution, and I’ll be on my way”. However, I seemed to be stuck on a 1280×1024 resolution. To the man on the Clapham Onmibus, this is a 5:4 aspect ratio, which is currently used by 07.05% of users of Steam.

However, that’s the only 5:4 resolution of it’s kind among the most popular monitors used by people on Steam. I currently use a 1440×900 monitor, which is in a 16:10 aspect ratio. While this exact resolution is only used by 05.74% of Steam users, 16:10 monitors on the whole account for 16.69% of users. Capcom have to commend themselves of cutting out just under a fifth of potential PC users by not configuring for that type of monitor. Bravo!

One plucky fan said “I’ve tested the 4×3 [attempted fix]and it is better than before (just changing the aspect to 1.333) I mean it cuts LESS of the screen, but still cut some”. Meaning that the game is shifted off the screen to the right, cutting off some important UI elements. Nice.However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for people like me. It seems they forgot people using 4:3 monitors too, the crazy, widescreen hating cretins that they are. Some users have been configuring user files within the install folders to try and get the game working for them, but having no success.

This level of commitment is something that not even From Software could manage, who just locked it at one resolution and frame-rate, and was easily fixed by one dude.

Somehow I ended up actually wanting to play the game in the end, and plugged the computer into a TV, which works at a supported 1080p. No troubles so far! However, I whipped the camera around too fast and it crashed. This was managed to be reproduced a number of times, and I was glad to have dug out this secret feature. Although I was a little disheartened that it was so easy to find – Dead Rising games have been well known to feature secrets that are very difficult, and this is a by-product of this consistent dumbing down of games!

All in all, Dead Rising 3: Crash Edition is one of the best simulations of dud software I can find. It’s a complete snip at £40 – lesser games would just crash normally, but Dead Rising 3 raises the bar in quality crashes and poor optimisation. I can only hope that other developers look at Capcom’s prowess in this field and take note.

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