How to Learn More About Marvel’s Infinity Stones – Part 2

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It is coming. Like Britney Spears’ inevitable death by heroin overdose, Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet will be the ultimate challenge Ironman and friends will face (most likely in Avengers 3). In part 1, Thanos gets the Infinity stones. If you haven’t read it, you’ll find it here. In part 2, he uses them…

First up: the name of the comic book you want to read here is “Infinity Gauntlet”. The gauntlet is a special glove that you embed the infinity stones into. Interestingly, the gauntlet has already appeared on screen as an easter egg in Thor.


The story picks up directly after the events of Thanos Quest. Thanos has gathered the six infinity stones, and has put them into the gauntlet. This gives him the powers of God – literally. With the gauntlet, Thanos is completely in charge of the universe. He can re-write the laws of physics, he can do whatever he wants and nobody can stop him.

His first act as god is to kill half of all life in the universe. In the blink of an eye, half of all life disappears from every planet and moon in existence. This causes universal havoc; on Earth planes fall from the sky because the pilot simply ceased to exist. Avengers including Hawkeye and the Wasp vanish. The Kree assume that the Skrull (another alien race) are to blame, and go to war with them. The Skrull assume the same of the Kree (neither side realizing who to blame) and our galaxy is plunged into chaos.

Thanos is motivated by his passion for death. It’s no mere arbitrary malevolence, though, he is literally in love with the character ‘death’ – Marvel’s take on the grim reaper is a silent female who is in a relationship with Thanos. But lady death is not impressed – in fact she’s scared of Thanos’ new power and becomes his silent slave – a fact that frustrates Thanos because he only ever wanted to be her equal, not her superior.


Infinity Gauntlet is another early 90s comic book, so the artwork is very much in the style of the time. It holds up OK by today’s higher standards largely because of the awesome story underpinning the art. It’s a lot like going back and replaying the first half-life in that regard.

One of the other interesting plot points is Adam Warlock’s participation in events. Warlock was teased in Guardians of the Galaxy, but is yet to make a proper appearance in the MCU. He has a huge role in the saga of the Gauntlet, though, leading every villain and hero in the Marvel universe in a final assault against Thanos. We’re predicting that Warlock will appear in Guardians 2 during phase 3, ready to take on his role for the big finale in the final Avengers movie.

We can’t overstate how amazing the story is. It really feels like you’re watching a movie, so we’d expect to see a lot of the events in Infinity Gauntlet make their way to the big screen – most likely in Avengers 3.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, three of the infinity stones have been featured, and Thanos doesn’t have any of them yet. The Tesseract is the space stone, and it’s currently safe on Asgard. The Aether is (or was) in the collectors possession as per the post-credits stinger after Thor 2. And the power stone was given to the Xandarians at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. But beware: while Thanos doesn’t have them yet, he clearly knows where they all are and is maneuvering events so he can get his hands on them some time between now and Avengers 3.

What happens between now and then? Well, Ultron will be the next big baddie the Avengers face in next year’s movie. We’ll tackle him in part 3 next week.

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