I Cannot Wait For – Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Having played games for all of my adult life and a good portion of my childhood it really does take something special to get me genuinely excited for a video game. I’m not saying that I don’t look forward to playing games but a lot of games these days are just missing that something special that pushes my anticipation over the edge. With that being said I want to let you into my mind and spew a few hundred words in your faces about why Civilization: Beyond Earth is one such game that gets my juices flowing.

Civilization is a game I have been playing since the series was born. A friend introduced it to me back early on in my school days and let me have the discs to install it to my own PC. The biggest issue at the time is that he did not lend me the encyclopaedia sized instruction manual so when the game did the old age equivalent of DRM and asked me to find a word on a specific page in said manual I had to phone his landline and ask him to thumb through. It’s a game that I spent hours on then and fast forward fifteen years since that first time there have been countless sequels and spin offs (they aren’t countless I just can’t be bothered to look up how many there have been) and I’ve played every single one of them.

Each new Civilization game added something extra, new technologies, new religion systems, new ways to trade and of course multiplayer but as great as those (and the hundreds of other) additions were at times you did still feel like the game you were playing now is pretty much the same, all be it slightly shinier version of the one two years previous.

And this is why I am so god damn excited for Civilization: Beyond Earth:

“Set in the future, global events have destabilized the world leading to a collapse of modern society, a new world order and an uncertain future for humanity. As the human race struggles to recover, the re-developed nations focus their resources on deep space travel to chart a new beginning for mankind.”

For any Civilization fan that quote above taken from the Civ website will set your special parts tingling. Beyond Earth promises to bring a completely new feel to the game, leaving the idea of setting up a stone age colony and turning it into a blossoming civilization we now have all the tech that took so long for you to reach in the previous games. And if we are all honest with ourselves the early and mid game stages of Civ are always the most fun aspects of the game itself so there will be a huge chunk of people who hardly ever got to use the more advanced technologies available.

No longer will we be picking the same starting leaders and then following the same tech paths that we have done for two decades as we will all have to learn new technologies and how they all fit together. There will be no marauding barbarians, this time they have been replaced by aliens and inhabitants of the world that you are sent to populate. Also, we aren’t going to see the same old resources as you have over the previous games, we will have to learn about the worlds themselves and what all the different resources are and how the impact you life on that planet. If I haven’t got the point across already, it’s all really exciting stuff.

I haven’t gone hands on with this game, all I have seen is what everyone else has seen; the odd screenshot here and the odd CGI trailer there. But it has certainly been enough to make me giddy like Jennifer Lawrence’s stalkers after this week.

I already have the game pre-ordered and I never pre-order games. Roll on October 24th, a new beginning for Civilization fans.

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