I’m COD and I’m PROUD!

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If you’re a blogger/journo/internet writer-man like we are here at Fully ‘Avin It, you know it’s ‘uncool’ to admit that you love Call of Duty. It’s like the gaming equivalent of admitting that you like Justin Beiber. But I’ll say it loud and proud: I love Call of Duty – and I love playing Ghosts.

You know how gaming has finally become a main-stream, ‘cool’ thing to do? Well you can (in part) thank Call of Duty for making this happen. Activision have stewarded the creation of a delightfully simple yet enthralling game-play experience that appeals to anyone.

Doing so has literally changed the world. Even if you genuinely don’t enjoy playing the game, it’s become a gateway drug for people to get into gaming. You may mock Activision for releasing the same game every year – but arguments aside this consistently generates biblical amounts of revenue that increase the value of the gaming Market worldwide, and encourages more companies to make more games.

In an alternate universe somewhere, COD4 was never made – instead there was an unsuccessful WW2 follow-up to COD3 and the series just sort-of ended. In this universe, Battlefield is still a pretty decent game, but with much less of the innovation and improvement that EA have been forced to pursue in our universe where they have to compete with Call of Duty.

In the alternate universe, Spec Ops: The Line was either never made or had a much lower budget because execs had no reason to believe there was such a huge potential market for a well-thought out shooter on console. Halo is still going strong, but with little competition it has become the butt of jokes for releasing the same game every couple of years.

We’re still on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Neither company has quite invested in a new system because the market isn’t big enough to justify the power of the PS4 that we have in our universe. And North Korea has gone to nuclear war with America, killing millions. Is this a world you want to live in?

No. I want to live in a world where COD brought in millions of new gamers and their wallets with them. A world where Gaming is finally rivalling Hollywood as the pinnacle of our species  entertainment methods. You know what? I’m proud to have played COD throughout that time. Fuck the haters.

Ghosts may have been mocked and critically panned, but it may just be the last proper COD game we see for a while. Sure, Advanced Warfare seems interesting, but what made COD great was the simple, grounded gunplay we saw in the original Modern Warfare. All these jet-packs and exo-suits and laser beams belong in Halo or Titanfall. Give me a simple Assault rifle and let me play Search and Rescue on Ghosts all day long.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m COD and I’m PROUD. And you should be too.

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