Incredibles 2 – The Sequel That Lived up to Everyone’s Expectation

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Since the Incredibles 2 announcement in 2015 – fans of all ages were eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated film. This is derived from the array of millennials who watched the original Incredibles and became lifelong fans of the iconic 2004 film. While the fans had to wait a staggering 14 years for a sequel, which is always not the best, Incredibles 2 lived up to its hype with numbers and reviews.

The Perfect Sequel

The film is a perfect showcase of what happened a few months after the cliffhanger of the first film, although the film indulges deeper into the future of the Incredibles couple and their children. One of the highlights of the film is that focuses on Mrs. Incredible trying to create the new face of superheroes while her husband has to become a stay-at-home dad and watch their three children: the angsty and relatable teenage Violent, the ecstatic and adventurous Dash, and Jack-jack, the baby with an array of mismatch powers.

Although the main point that the Incredibles 2 dives into is that the director has an unbelievable talent with showcasing two different sides of the same coin for the Incredibles family, also officially known as the Parr family. Helen Parr is running the streets, saving the city, and defeating crime while her husband, Bob Parr, is being forced to adapt to a new “house-dad” lifestyle – which is what Helen was known for during the first film. Similar to the hyped up Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War – this film showcases that a movie where the characters are divided can create a new experience.

What makes the film interesting are the plethora of new characters showing up, all of which who are directly interacting with the original cast. The Deavor siblings are two of the most unique characters as they represent the extreme sides of love for “supers”, which was prompted by their late father’s undying love for superheroes. Even though both siblings blindly trust these superheroes, they believe that correct PR is going to be the single thing that changes the public view about superheroes.

Same Actors, Same Voices

It does help that the director Brad Bird chose to cast the same voice actors from the original Incredibles film, along with keeping a similar yet updated character design. A simple scroll through social media platforms, such as Twitter, could easily show that this film was highly anticipated with adults, teens, and children alike. That was evident as the movie surpassed $2 billion in the box office mark in North America.

While the Incredibles 2 lack the same emotional depth as other Pixar hits, such as the Toy Story series, Up, or even Finding Dory – is a change from Pixar’s original films. At first, the bold change did seem concerning to Pixar fans as the emotional connection to the films is what made them so special to an array of viewers. Although, the Incredibles 2 does feature a comedic and philosophical undertone which adds a personal depth to the movie.

For the adult viewers of the movie, there is a message which describes idealism and apathy within the film. This is a valued addition as nowadays, most options that are given are not viewed as valid unless they love up to a certain ideal. While the Incredibles 2 was aimed at a diver audience group, the movie found ways to appeal to each group separately.

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