inFAMOUS First Light Review

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First Light is to Infamous: Second Son what The Ballad of Gay Tony is to Grand Theft Auto 4. By that, I mean that it’s an add-on and there’s a theme of neon… Not that it’s a homosexual version of Second Son.

Like most new story DLC, First Light gives you a bite of the original game, with a different playable character, at a much lower price. What’s better is that if you haven’t played Second Son before then this would be a good place to start, as not only is it a more basic version, but it acts as a prequel as well.

The story follows Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker, a character whom you meet as Delsin in the original game. She is held in custody by the D.U.P. (The Department of Unified Protection) and tells them her story of how she came to be there. Flashbacks play out 2 years earlier which you – the player – take control of. The story is pretty basic but then there’s not much time to make it as content-rich as a full-length title. What is good is that this is essentially a revenge story, and although the build-up is quite quick it leads up to a decent finale that leads in nicely to Second Son.

In terms of gameplay it is still the same concept of running around the city and shooting thugs using your powers. Fetch is a lot faster than Delsin when it comes to melee attacking with her neon fists – as opposed to Delsin’s chain – which seems to make it less of a chore. The downside though is that you only have access to these Neon powers whereas in Second Son you had access to a variety. That’s no surprise though considering that this is just an add-on, and anyone who played Second Son will know that Fetch only had this power anyway. You still get to upgrade your powers though so there is still a sense of personal progression.

Draining neon from street signs still looks as lovely as ever, and although the map still isn’t a replica of Seattle (and you only have access to half of it in this DLC) the detail that has gone into creating this sandbox is superb. Right from the raindrops to the lights shining off the puddles in the streets. Aside from the main story missions there is the return of street crimes, races, and a different take on graffiti, which makes good use of the motion control and creates some awesome looking art. I had done all these side missions and collectibles in just under an hour however, and the story missions will only take you a few more hours to get through. For the price of £11.95 though, this is a good length of time, especially since it’s great fun as well. On top of that you can spend more time in the arena completing challenges.

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