Lawyers Set Sights on Virtual Reality Accident Claims

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Only time will tell if Virtual Reality (VR) turns out to be the next big thing in gaming or if it will just end up being another Kinect; something that sounds good in promise but just doesn’t click with gamers. With Sony working on their Morpheus project, Oculus pressing ahead with the Rift and now Microsoft throwing their hat in the ring with HoloLens there will be plenty of people donning uncomfortable headsets in the hope that they can achieve full immersion in their latest game.

With the dawn of this “new” (it’s not really new, it’s just not as shit as it was twenty years ago) technology there are plenty of others thinking about how they can make money off the idea. One set of people who are rubbing their greedy little hands with glee are scumbag lawyers who know full well that when you cover someones eyes there will be accidents and as that famous saying goes “where there’s a blame, there’s a claim”. Fully ‘Avin It had a chance to speak to a one lawyer who’s been diligently researching VR technology:

“Let’s be honest we all know and accept that gamers, at their core are moronic. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all, the companies who create these Matrix like technologies should be designing their products with their target audience in mind. The fact that none of the big players in this sector have included see through screens so that the users eyes aren’t fully covered or even airbag like technology that protects a users head if they fall over means that there will be, potentially, millions of people who will be left even more brain damaged than they probably already are.”

As an industry we have already seen people smashing their TV’s with their Wii Remotes, putting their backs out while attempting to twerk on Dance Central and even someone getting a PlayStation Move stuck inside their rectal cavity. So maybe the the lawyers are onto something. Scumbag lawyers are all the rage at the moment with Netflix’s Better Call Saul being the talk of the internet town right now so it won’t be long before we see gamers turning towards backstreet lawyers to try and get some money for their gaming related injuries.

Too Fat To Stand Up? Fell Over Wearing A VR Headset? Better Call Saul!

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