Making A Murderer – Season 2

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The second season of Making A Murderer is good news for those who love true crime. The original documentary is 2015 focused on the murder of Teresa Halbach and the accused killer, Steven Avery, his nephew, Brendan Dassey and the trial that saw both convicted. It dissected the various evidence against the two and interviewed many of the key players in the investigation as well as family members.

The second season will feature six episodes. Avery is still locked up in prison with little chances of being released. However, his nephew Brendan’s case has seen some positive developments. In 2016, a federal judge overturned his conviction after it was determined that he was coerced into confessing. The judge ruled that investigators gave him false promises, and with Dassey being mentally challenged, the court ruled that statements by Dassey were improperly obtained and therefore he should be re-tried.

Since the first season, the prosecutor in the case, Ken Kratz, has since been disbarred and is in the process of penning a book about the case. It is anticipated to include evidence that the show left out to show favour to Avery and Dassey. Avery has also since seen his original lawyer withdraw as his legal counsel.

What mysteries can we expected solved in Season 2?

One of the big questions surrounding the case was the limited number of pictures from the burned pit. Considering this was a big part of the evidence against the two, and is still part of the crucial evidence against them, questions have arisen over the lack of photos. One of those questions is that the pictures appear to have been taken after the body was discovered. If the investigators suspected the site to have potential evidence based on FBI guidelines they should then have followed standard procedure by documenting the scene, and that was not the case.

Another question that can expected to be answered is the key, and where it came from. The key to Teresa’s RAV 4 was another key part of evidence that helped to convict Avery. It was found in Avery’s bedroom and was believed he moved the Rav 4 to an area that was secluded after killing her. However, when authorities initially searched the property, there was no sign of the vehicle, and that has led many to believe it was later staged there to make Avery look guilty, and that includes the key and where it came from.

Finally, Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zenner, believes that a re-trial could be avoided as she has the name of the person she believes committed the crime. It is not known if that person’s name will be revealed in the second season, but is one many are hoping to learn of.

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