Parkour for Beginners: Moves You Can Master Quickly (part 1)

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If you’ve once witness the charming moves of a parkour master passing by at high speed through the city, vaulting fences and jumping from wall to wall, you can’t resist to begin learning some Parkour moves yourself. Parkour is sport in which the players move like ninja around obstacles with speed, efficiency, and grace. Despite how dangerous and hard it might looks, to master the basics of Parkour are pretty simple with running, jumping up, jumping down, jumping over, etc. The next step is able to do all of those things one after another, mix them up, keep upright and moving.

All of that would help to master the basics before attempting the more difficult stuff. In this post, let us introduce some basic Parkour moves that beginners can master quickly.

Jumping Up/Down

Many of the harder Parkour movements involve a jump integrated into them, so practicing jumping skills is important. You can start by jumping from the ground to a higher level such as a bench, stairs with both feet and landing lightly and in control of your body. Jump back down the ground with both feet, and repeat. Stairs are great although they might be a bit more dangerous for a total noob.

As soon as you master with both feet, start jumping with one foot leading you, again landing lightly and in control. Switch the lead foot every time to balance your jumping skills. If that’s too easy, start with a small running then jump while moving. Once you’ve mastered it, find a higher level and repeat with both feet, and then practice with one foot leading. Find a range of objects nearby that allow you to jump on and off while you’re running. Practice by doing a series of runs through them, start slow until you are in control, then speed up fast enough to keep it fun.

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