Parkour Moves for Beginners to master quickly

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Jumping Over

Jump right over obstacles without touching them is another important move in Parkour. When jumping over things, there are two options either jumping vertically to clear a tall obstacle or jumping horizontally to clear a large or long obstacle– and many jumps will involve both. Make a small run toward an object and leap completely over it without slowing down or touching it, lifting one foot then both legs to clear it, and continue running after landing.

More advanced Parkour moves is jumping over higher objects and landing with a roll which is easy once you master landing confidently on your feet and being ready to continue your run. Once you are confident to clear smaller objects, repeat with either a higher or a longer object to develop your skills, and set up a small course to run which combine of both high jumps and long jumps.


Vaulting is the able to clear fences, walls or other high obstacles with just a single touch of the hands is a glamour move which is not as hard as it might seem. At the basic level, you can practice by taking a leap with your body up and to one side, using your hands to direct and balance your body over the object. You’ll leverage the hand on the side that the rest of your body is on (for example – if your legs go over on the left side, pick up the left hand first and continue to propel yourself with the right hand.). Another similar vaulting move is the monkey vault, which you will master going straight over the object, with your feet and rest of the body moving between the hands as you cross over it.

So you have learned the very basic parkour move, practice frequently, daily and you will be ready to show it off on the street in no time.

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