Sam Frank’s Diary – Destiny Day 1

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Everyone is reviewing Destiny. But a review for this game is a waste of time, so instead we decided to write a journal in character of our experiences with the game.

My name is Sanimal. I am of a race known as the Awoken, and I follow the path of the Warlock. I was found by a small floating robot, which called itself a ghost. To me he sounded strangely alike to Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. I used to love that show… He found me among the ruins of the Cosmodrome in old Russia of Earth. Something about “in Soviet Russia, Ghosts bring YOU to life”.

Apparently I’ve been dead for a long time and there’s a lot I wouldn’t understand. The only other thing he told me was that I was in Fallen territory, and that I needed to fight through them and escape to safety on the other side of the Cosmodrome.

I fought my way through The Breach – an abandoned warehouse of sorts – crouching to avoid trip-mines, and killing any Fallen with accuracy; aiming down the sights of a Khvostov 7G-02 auto rifle that my ghost found for me, taking the headshots where I could for the easy kills. Finding the enemy was easy with the use of my tracker – the radar highlighted in which direction they were attacking from for me. Running out of ammo wasn’t a problem either as I could just pick more up from the fallen… Fallen. Soon thereafter I received a Preacher Mk. 20 shotgun from a loot cache, which was great for close range damage. During a following battle I needed to change a clip with one enemy left. I thought it might have me but the simple use of a melee force-blast from my palm soon saw to that last Fallen.

So I fight. But when I reach the other side, I’m greeted by Fallen ships dropping off more Vandals and Dregs for me to deal with. Little floating robotic drones known as Shanks join the fray as well. As a Warlock I dabble in the powers of a Voidwalker, soon learning to harness my power in the form of a Vortex Grenade. This ability comes in very handy for this particular battle – continuously damaging those near it, and I was able to continue through to Dock 13. There were many Fallen waiting for me in here – the perfect opportunity for me to gain experience and level up my class. Especially when taking on Rahn, the devil captain. He was a lot swifter than the other Fallen I had encountered thanks to his teleportation ability. He was, however, the last enemy in the way of retrieving my ship.

My first mission was complete and I returned to the Tower – the last safe city on Earth, where all other Guardians live. I think to myself “it’s a bit like Zion from The Matrix, but with even more weird people.”

The Tower is a place where I can prepare myself before I go out on other quests. Before quests, though I needed to find a chick called Ikora Rey, the mentor for new Warlocks arriving at the Tower. She provided me with new chest armor of a higher defence, and a much more appealing colour compared to the dire brown rags I had before. I also checked with the Postmaster, and received my first emblem. The gunsmith offered me a choice of weaponry – I compared them to my current auto rifle and decided to go for a change. The Psi Umbra I pulse rifle would suit me well in the coming battles. Perhaps I would try a scout rifle or a hand cannon another time. For now I must return to my ship. There is no rest for the wicked, and I must prepare myself for the days ahead. It is after all, my destiny.

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