Sam Frank’s Diary – Destiny Day 2

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Today at the Tower I met Bill Nighy. He was disguising himself in white robes, and he gave me a fairly decent history lesson – which I’m sure you will find out about for yourself. He told me that I needed to join other Guardians and stop the coming darkness. I got a Cryptarch to decrypt the leg armour I had found. It was a special item, not just with armour value but with added strength as well. Unfortunately I was not of a level to use it… At least my attire was looking slightly more badass than when Ghost first found me.

I had discovered a warp drive for my ship on the surface of Old Russia. This allowed me to now travel to the moon as well as Earth. In celebration of this new luxury I decided to spend some time dancing with new friends that I had encountered on Earth. I soon realised that I was not of a high enough level to take on the first mission on the moon. I quickly stopped dancing and decided to take on Patrol. Here I could complete side-quests until I was of a high enough level.

I came across my first shroud of darkness today. This made any fight against the Fallen more difficult as there was no way for me to respawn during the battle. If I had died, that would have been it. I also came across a new enemy. The Hive. First came the Thrall – beasts who ran at me, and tried to attack me with their vicious claws. The best way to take on this foe was to run backwards whilst firing. Once I had dealt with these creatures I turned my attention to the acolytes, who were hurling balls of energy at me from a distance

I found a new special weapon to finally replace my shotgun. The fusion rifle is a powerful weapon, and what’s even better is that it had a fire element added to its rounds. I was also able to summon my first vehicle today. It made it a lot easier to travel across Russia on my hover bike. Timing the boost just right allowed me to reach new areas. It would however seem like Earth only consists of Old Russia… I wonder what happened to America, and the likes of London? Tomorrow I plan to find out. Also, what the hell do I do with these spinmetal leaves that I found on the surface? Metal plants… on Earth?!

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