Study Finds Gaming Sites Rarely Worth Visiting

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A new study conducted by the McBritish Institute has conclusively demonstrated that video game websites are no longer worth visiting.

“These sites originated from magazines, which were once the only method of disseminating information”, said a researcher. “Then other sites opened to do the same online job – but better. Then independent blogs came and did that job better. Now the best job is done by lazily liking random posts on Facebook while paying no attention to the games industry whatsoever.

Many gaming sites these days are overtaken with meta-commentary on the industries own issues. Usually more than half of a site’s front page is obstructed by advertisements and articles about minorities in the industry. These are often interspersed with side-by-side comparison videos that tell you literally nothing about how good the game looks on either console.

One of the hottest topics in 2015 is reviews and scoring. We recently responded to Eurogamer’s reduction of scores by vastly expanding our own scores somewhere into the two-thousands.

We spoke to one journalist from a website who wishes only to be known as “YGN”. He said: “It’s all about targets these days. Listicles and console war click-bait simply pay the bills in a way that anything approaching classic games writing ever could”.

And white knight social justice articles are unfortunately mandatory for every gaming website, lest they be categorized as “basically 4chan“.

While many blame the plethora of mediocre sites for the dilution of the value of games journalism, our insider at “YGN” has a theory of his own.

“It’s really down to day one DLC”, he told us. “Why do they release games and deliberately hold back content so they can charge us for it?” At that point he left in a hurry to begin drafting an exposé.

Fully ‘Avin It would like to restate its commitment to genuine games journalism; never will we devolve into shameless meta-articles about gaming as a philosophical construct of humanity’s artistic expression, instead of writing about how noisy the bullets are in the new Uncharted.

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