The Flash Pilot Review

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We’ve been given special early access to The Flash episode one (as has most of the internet by now) and we’re going to tell you what we thought of it.

The Flash has a gigantic pair of gritty, well written shoes to fill. In my opinion Arrow is the best superhero TV series out there at the moment – lightyears ahead of any competition from Agents of Shield and the upcoming Gotham (whose trailer we’ve also seen). Grant Gustin made his debut in the mid-season special of Arrow, a role he definitely impressed in. The pilot for his own show has been fast tracked and has landed on Fully ‘Avin It’s desk. Boy, does it live up to the hype.

Before we watched the Flash Pilot, we re-watched that episode of Arrow, and the first thing we noticed is that the scene where Barry Allen gets his powers has been slightly changed to allow for more of the new show’s narrative to explore itself.  Before you get to that though, you’re introduced to the core characters of the show. The Flash’s characters tread a similar line between cheesiness and awesomeness as Arrow has for two season now – but believe us this is a compliment. There’s the hot girl who’s friend-zoned Barry, her tough black cop father, and the love-interest-rival for Barry to compete with.

The origin portion of the episode is dispensed with at a pleasantly snappy pace, there’s not too much waiting around for him to finally get and use his powers. And once he gets them we get our answer to the biggest question we had going into this whole thing: will his powers look decent visually? Yes, yes they do. And we couldn’t be happier.

In the pilot episode we are treated to super-speed scenes with wonderful generosity. It comes in both formats too; the slow motion where we see it from Barry’s perspective, and the longer real-time shots of a red blur streaking across the scene. Everything about it is great though, so have no fears about special effects going into the show’s first season.

The suit is present from episode one too – and we’re happy with this perfectly acceptable portrayal of what is, if you’re honest, a pretty lame-looking super-suit.

Naturally Arrow himself gets a cameo, and the scene where it happens is, for want of a better term – perfect. It’s a cornerstone of the episode because it truly marks the setting of the status quo for the series: after that scene Barry is a superhero called The Flash.

The episode is bursting with DC Easter Eggs too. Farris Airfield of Green Lantern fame? Check. Reference to Wayne Tech? You bet. We even spotted a LuthorCorp building – and obvious nod to Smallville and the wider Superman mythos – although we expect that will be removed from the final TV version. The bottom line is that The Flash is a shameless, confident leap into the creation of a wider DC Television Universe. Fully ‘Avin It would like to take this opportunity to trademark the term “DCTVU”.

When you get to the end of the Flash pilot, you will be happy. And excited, That’s all you really need to know. This show is the perfect way to extend the DCTVU – and if the rumours of a Supergirl TV show on the same network turn out to be accurate, we may just have a rival to the MCU on our hands that nobody saw coming.

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