Wading in on #GamerGate

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If you don’t know what I mean by “GamerGate” then here’s some advice for you: don’t even bother looking it up.

Every other week there seems to be some kind of controversy boiling up within the games industry and it’s usually for one of the following reasons:

  • Someone has been a misogynistic bellend*
  • An accusation that games media journalists are corrupt
  • Readers of games media take shit far too seriously
  • Phil Fish
  • Readers of games media not realising that they can choose what they read and where

Apart from that top bullet point, which is genuinely a serious issue within life generally,  the rest of it all boils down to one thing: everyone is getting far too serious about video games.

I’m not going to try and put together a thousand words on the subject, there are more intelligent people than me who will do that better. I am here, and Fully ‘Avin It in general is here to remind you of one thing: video games are pretty damn fun.

So stop taking everything so bloody seriously. If you feel like jumping on the #GamerGate bandwagon then just stop for one second, take that anger you have about something so ridiculously trivial, and channel it into making something really positive happen. Like supporting the amazing charity Special Effect, or maybe even just being nice to someone on Twitter. Hell, here’s an idea just don’t be angry all the time.

Remember kids, games are fun and here’s something to remind you of that.

If you still feel very angry and always feel like you want to rise up and revolt against something completely pointless then just take a look at the featured image at the top of the page, sound advice.

And finally, if you struggle with #GamerGate tendencies, read this to help you through it.

*Bellend [adj]{Bell-end} A reference to the bell-shaped tip of human male genitalia. See Helmet. – FAI English Dictionary, 1972 Edition.

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