We’re Expanding Review Scores

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Fully ‘Avin It is pleased to announce we are expanding our review scores to bigger and bigger numbers.

Some websites like Eurogamer have decided to drop review scores altogether, as the traditional 10 point scale has become increasingly stale and 7/8 become the ‘average’ score.

We disagree. We think the only way to make scores mean something is to give them some lofty number that only old magazines like ACE Magazine could provide, and we’re changing all of our scores to a 2,108 point scale.

Games are changing – reviews should too

Since we launched some months ago, video games have barely changed from the broken, tedious messes that came BFAI (Before Fully ‘Avin It). Some games evolve from a barely functional mess on launch day, to being broken in other significant ways in updates that are rolled out in the weeks after launch.

By allowing a score from 1.5 to 2,108, we are able to accurately apply a granular score for each individual change that is made to each patch. Halo: The Master Chief Collection could drop score from 1894 before launch, to 1734 when the matchmaking was broken after launch. These numbers allow you to accurately decide if this game is right for you, and of course, will confuse Metacritic beyond belief.

We review criteria that matters to YOU

For too long sites have based their reviews on clichéd benchmarks like “graphics” or “gameplay”. You won’t find any of those words in a real dictionary, and we live in a real world. So something has to change.

That’s why from now on we’ll be reviewing all games on six core criteria:

  • Box Art
  • The Trailer
  • Fan Twitter Reaction
  • The Pre-order Bundle
  • How Quick the Day 1 DLC Downloads and Installs
  • What Pewdy Pi Says

Clearly these are the criteria that matter the most in 2015 to video game fans.

We will only review games before they are made

Too often in the last few years we’ve seen reviews as half-written scrawl on the back of cigarette packets, as some Public Relations man plies a poor reviewer with all-expenses-paid booze in some rented London warehouse. That’s why we are taking a drastic step and reviewing games that don’t even exist. This means that we can accurately understand the entire product from start to finish, because we made it all up.

We will update reviews constantly

In this fickle world, we get wound up by tweets from game developers all the time – What those in the rap game call ‘running they damn mouths’. Our review scores will reflect our petty whims and annoyances based on those tweets, embracing our personal bias wherever possible, even if the title is any good. We feel that only basing our reviews on the personalities of the designers, rather then the content of the game they produced, the only way to accurately advise you, the consumer.

We hope you understand where we are coming from with these changes, and you are equally as excited as we are. We feel that our 2,108 scoring revolution is going to change the way that people engage with games criticism.

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