WWE SuperCard Review

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Ever since Hearthstone was released and did so well you just knew it wouldn’t be long before a slew of other card based battlers (that are easier to get into than Magic: The Gathering) from bigger publishers would flood the mobile market. Low and behold here comes WWE SuperCard from 2k Games for iOS and Android devices, sauntering down the runway, fireworks going off behind it. Flashy bastards.

I’ve already mentioned Hearthstone once and I don’t really want to do it again so lets get the comparisons out the way now. There is no comparison, these are two very different games with WWE SuperCard feeling more like a game of Top Trumps than a strategic battle to the end.

The aim of the game is to select your best five cards; four male superstars and one diva, no discrimination here, then battle against others online. Each card has four attributes that are randomly selected during the match mode to compete against, Power, Toughness, Speed and Charisma. These numbers seem pretty much plucked out of then air with them not really corresponding with the real life grapple jockeys.

Each match is best out of three card selections and during each selection you see the cards make an entrance and then a rather charming little scuffle happens to show you who wins. That’s really about it, choose what you think is your best card or selection of cards if you have been prompted to choose a tag team, rinse and repeat.

After each exhibition match you get to pick random cards to add to your pack. These cards have differing rarity levels and of course you can purchase extra picks through the in-app purchase, the free to play money grabbing gits. You can then swap and change your active deck to include the more powerful cards whilst also spending the cards you don’t want to make other cards even more powerful.

The other game mode is King of the Ring where you take a deck of superstars and reserves into a (long) timed event featuring fifty other players. You manage your roster of superstars as they will lost energy after each match (with roughly 50 minutes between each match) so swapping them in and out to regain health is essential. Make it through the qualifying rounds and all the way to victory will mean you are rewarded with extra picks of better cards. It’s something to keep you coming back in as if you leave the app along for too long a few matches could have happened and your superstars will be out of energy which means their stats will be bloody terrible…You then lose. Hard.

The visuals and audio are pretty damn awful, it looks like a lot of the character cut outs and menus were handed over to the interns with everything looking rather grainy although as I mentioned earlier the card battling animations to bring a little smile to your face. The really strange thing though with WWE SuperCard is that there seems to be no licensed music in it, it’s an official WWE project so why is there no official entrance themes or TV show music? It’s only a very minor thing as I personally rarely play with sound on my mobile device but WWE games, especially with 2K at the helm, have always felt authentic.

I think the greatest compliment that I can give WWE SuperCard is that I haven’t really stopped playing it. I can’t tell you why I’m still playing it because I have no desire to collect all the cards or improve my win/loss ratio. I’m just mindlessly repeating the actions again and again.

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